When the rain starts to fall

When the rain starts to fall. 

When I first went to Japan 9 years ago as a trainee, the first thing I wanted to experience was the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Being born in a tropical country, one can only dream of winter and wants to try to just lay down and do the snow angel stroke. In my country, we only have hot (dry) and rainy (cool) seasons. Though the hot season covered the entire archipelago. Most people like the hot season but I hated it. I never like it but never want it to change. As I get older, the temperature gets worst, and it’s even hotter and drier than I could remember. Then, people started constructing high-rise buildings, mountains are now tree-less places and wild animals are being hunted because they now are dangerous to residential area. And climate advocates are encouraging everyone to think of what will happen to Earth years from now.

My only comfort is when the rainy season starts to fall from the sky. Just the ordinary rain, not the typhoon because when typhoon strikes, even the most developed cities will be covered by water, not even the rich can avoid it. As a young kid years ago, I was always excited for the rain to starts crying because I could play with it. Sometimes, my parents allowed us to play and be wet in the rain. The rain was the substitute for snow, and we could do the snow angel from the wet soil. We could make mud balls and do mud ball fights though it hurts yet we were enjoying it. Going home being dirty instead of just being soaked with rainwater was one of the best thing about it. It’s one of my best memories of childhood. But now, modern parents don’t want their kids to even feel the rain or get dirty because of the rain. 

As I grow up and being independent, my parents will always remind me to not get caught in the rain or not to forget to use sun protection when going out. How times change and my parents are now part of the modern era where they are cautious about how the climate has changed in the past decades.

But I always prefer the rain. I love the rain even though the rain is more of a high-maintenance city girl than being a comfort. For me, I just love it. I have the reason to get drench by the rain and not to have the sun force my body to sweat. Even though others find the rain a stressful moment and a disturbance to their everyday routine, I find solace in the sound of raindrops. Some find sadness while listening to it. I find my words to write a poem hearing it dripping as it inspires me to think and be sentimental. When the rain falls, I can ignore the people around me and just focus on holding my umbrella. The noisy sound of cars disappears when the rain starts to play its music.

June was the start of the rainy season and until now, the rain never stops, and lightning and thunder keep on fighting above the sky showing their dominance. I love staring at the dark sky when the lightning sparks and thunder are like a piece of music in my ears. One of my dreams is to live in a place with big windows, almost near the sky where I could witness the beautiful lightning and hear the thunder louder than my speaker.

Even though lightning is a dangerous natural occurrence, but I find it so beautiful. And wish to capture its beautiful image. Weird as I can be, I wish to see its beautiful light spread in the sky and draw the best picture in my eyes. I am always excited to see the electrostatic discharge, hear the thunder after it and the sky will start to cry. 

But then, as the climate changes, it is quite scary to enjoy the rain or even go out under the sun nowadays. The temperature during the dry season is not anymore safe and even the rain during the rainy season is now as scary as being struck by lightning.

My only hope is that the future generation can still enjoy the happiness I felt when I was still a kid many years ago.   

(Ringo’s Blog #62)

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