When Rin got bored!

When Rin got bored!

One morning, Rin got bored with the same routine every day. So, she went to read about personality traits just so she can better understand the different types of characters she had in her mind. She wanted to write stories about people, but she is not qualified to do so because it is not her forte. She doesn’t have a degree in Psychology or any training to be part of human resources. Yet, every day she deals with people. She talks to people, understands them the best way she can. But it stresses her most of the time, yet she still must do her job.

There is a widely accepted personality theory by Psychologists. Some call it the ‘Five personality traits.’ Others call it as ‘Big Five Theory’. Rin doesn’t care whatever names they will call it. All she cares about is understanding the different personalities to help her in creating her new project. According to the data she read, the five traits are CANOE or OCEAN. It is short for Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. She’s not a psychologist but she wanted to learn about people’s behavior as well as to understand herself more.

  • According to what she read, people who are high in ① Openness are curious about people or the world. They have the eagerness to learn new things and enjoy new experiences. They are into abstract things. They are adventurous. Then she analyzes her personality. She’s always been curious about the world but then she doesn’t want to get involve with people and build connections. She likes changes in life but prefers to be traditional. She accepts change but wants to keep tradition as part of her culture. She enjoys new things, new experiences but will always go back to what she’s used to doing. She likes adventures too if she can but prefers to stay at home. She’s an independent person. What kind of personality does Rin have? Does she belong in this category? She met a lot of people in this category and wonder how exciting their life can be.
  • The second personality is ② Conscientiousness. People that have this trait have a level of thoughtfulness. They are organized and have goal-directed behaviors. They are hardworking. They plan and are very mindful of deadlines. Then, she reflects and asks herself if she has this trait. She thinks of a plan, creates plans, and do a to-do list but doesn’t want to execute the plan or rather not following it. She rather uses the plan as her reference but never follows it. She likes to organize things, but she messes up a lot more than organizing it.
  • Extraversion (Extroversion) is the third personality. In this personality trait, she knew before reading it that she doesn’t belong in this trait. Rin can socialize but prefers to be on her own. She can make friends easily but rather want to have a small number of trusted friends. She doesn’t like being the center of attention but because of her job, she’s always in the center of it. She talks to people as part of her job but prefers solitude. If she can avoid talking or conversing, she will do everything just to be alone. Socializing or being just around people makes her exhausted but she needs to be with people to do her job properly.
  • Despite being an introvert, she cares about people, empathetic towards others. If she can help, she will always do her best to help. This personality belongs to ④ Agreeableness. People with this trait are more cooperative. Enjoys helping and contributing to the happiness of other people. They have a great deal about people. They know how to relate to people. They are soft-hearted people.
  • And because she cares a lot, her stress level is high, but she can still manage to drop the level of her stress to the best way she can. She takes everyone’s problem as if it’s her own. Though she’s emotionally stable sometimes she worries about a lot of things. ⑤ Neuroticism is a personality trait of people that experiences a lot of stress. They worry about many things and feel anxious most of the time. They can get upset easily and struggles to bounce back after a stressful situation. They are prone to negativity. But Rin is always positive in life despite all she has are stresses of her everyday job.

Which traits does Rin belong to?

How about you?

Note: Rin doesn’t have a degree in Psychology or have proper knowledge of Personality traits. What is written here are the things she read and nothing else. She will only use this as a reference for the creation of her project and building the personality of the protagonist in her story.

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