In the eyes of the unknown

I once saw beautiful circles,
line up against the ring of fire.
Slowly rotating the unknown path.
There! Beautiful creatures,
trying to understand day and night.
They sleep and wake up.
Work and relax.
Laugh and cry.
Speak languages I cannot understand.
Dress differently from North to South,
East to West.
Wow! They have beautiful eyes,
different from one another.
They have big and small heads
with creative minds.

Oh! There are also creatures walking in four.
Different from what I saw in two’s.
This circle is so amazing.
Two’s and Four’s are in harmony living in the same plane.
This must be the Earth.
It has different colors.
Green can be Red.
Blue becomes Brown.
White turns to Black.
Yellow to Violet.
I want to be here.
I want to learn about their life.

They can make object moves too.
And turn the sky dark.
They have long horns too,
that travel in my world.
Wait! It also makes fire.
Earth must be a happy place to live.

There are creatures in the streets.
Too many of them in one day.
Too few the next day.
They could also disappear.
I wonder where will they go.
It’s like magic.

What is that loud sound?
It is too dangerous.
They can also clear fields so easily.
From tall boxes to the rubble of dust.
Is this how they clean things?
So fast yet too bloody.
Is that how the trees turn red?
But it’s too hot.
The ice is melting so crazy.

Do they have the same ideas on how to make the earth more beautiful?
But why the air is so hard to breathe?
They must have filters to help them.

Hey! Look!
Someone is above someone else.
Why are the other creatures have invisible chains?
While others have control over someone.
Is this what they call harmony?
They must be happy creatures.
Someone speaks and everybody acts like a servant.
That person must be important having men in suits.

They are different from us, the unknown.
Earth people are so interesting.
They can be cold and hot as well.
They have hands that can do magic.
Like making someone else bleed.
They have mouths that breathe fire.
Like dragons of ancient times.
And make others fly.
They have brains that can create beautiful things.
But can also make things dirty.

The sea can turn into mountains of large objects.
Land becomes the new sea,
flooded by water from the blue ocean.
Trees are the new homes
While the forest is now empty.
The wind turns to dust.
Rain becomes wild.
Snow never shows up.
This is what has become the Earth.

Dear Earth,
– should I start living here?

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