Should I say Medieval digital age?

Should I say Medieval digital age?

I was born in the 19’s, not the ’90s but in ’19’ something generation and I saw how the world evolves. I will not be going to compete with our veterans because they fought and won the two world wars while I grew up fighting a war against myself in which I cannot win. As I grow up, I tried to find the reason for my existence while my ancestors fought hard for freedom and independence. But will my ancestors, our ancestors be proud of the world we live in right now?

As everyone describes, we are already in the digital world. There are still a lot of things to discover, places to explore, but we cannot deny that we can travel the world, go to places without spending a single cent by just using our phones. The Internet makes it happen. Google Maps or any other map application helps us visit places we could only dream of. Though not as fun and worthy as being able to physically visit the place but at least we could see the satellite images. People sharing their experiences, their travel adventures using different social media platforms. It feels like we already traveled the world while looking at their pictures or watching travel vloggers sharing their experiences. We have known a lot of people we never met or will never meet. We talk to people we never know. We share our emotions, achievements, heartaches, and even our stupidity virtually. It’s all fun for everyone until memes hurt people, comments become a form of torture, and people become anonymous. Are we becoming the medieval digital age or the modern medieval period where we execute, torture, and punish people by just using our phones?

I am not going to talk about history because it will take ages as every country, every human has a different history, different stories to tell. But during the Middle age or the Medieval period, torture or public execution was common and socially accepted as a form of punishment. It’s like what is happening right now in the modern era though we have laws to protect people from being bullied or shamed online, we cannot deny that the more people become online, then we become more liberated, we execute people online and forget the importance of protecting once privacy. We punish people based on what they post because we shared everything online from head to foot.

The keyboard warriors become the executioner to perform punishment online whether it is social justice or injustice. One wrong word posted online, expect to be flooded by bombs of different cursed words or being hacked and threaten to be executed by a no-name faceless account. We can become an executioner or victims of public shaming by people we don’t know online. Celebrities, politicians, journalists, famous vloggers or influencers, or other public figures are usually the subject of online punishment, shaming, or insults. Some will say it is just criticism. Others become too personal and attacked innocent family members. People online make fun of someone’s mistakes whether it is intentionally or unintentionally. Others just want attention and publicity. Others will say if you can’t accept criticisms online, you shouldn’t post them publicly. Others make memes just for fun or being laughed at for the wrong reason. Some people perform punishments only in the high courts or the court of justice is allowed yet we, the online people judge it based on a one-minute video without due process. We don’t need lawyers, we become lawyers online. We believe in rampant fake news as if it’s the truth. We make a person becomes a criminal with no time to defend themselves. Some survive the public scrutiny online, others take it personally.

Internet becomes the world where it is used to inform everyone of the truth or to recruit people to believe the untruth. Whether it is being used for good causes or wrong propaganda, the web is too scary. It is like being beheaded online while still holding our heads or being burned at the stake for spreading fake news witchery or being crushed until our eyes popped out for sending comments that will hurt someone else. We are ready to throw stones online to take revenge or ruined someone else happiness.

There are too many disadvantages of being online but there are also many advantages of it that the medieval period did not have. We can shop online. We can buy things online. We can talk to people we haven’t seen for a while. It can be peaceful but it can also be noisy. It can help spread the needs of the needy or it can break someone else’s dream. It can show awareness of the reality or it can imprison someone’s reality. People can earn and be rich while others used it to bet to be broke.

Whatever our reasons to be online, we cannot deny that there are people who will be the opposite of us. Someone else will act barbaric while others teach us things we don’t know online. Some will either create a potion to either poison our minds or make us fall in love with the truth. Will it be better to be slap by someone we know or being hurt by someone anonymous? Will it be okay for our family members to disfavor us or will be it okay to be discriminated against by people we don’t know online?

This is the world of the internet. We become like in the medieval period but more modern and virtually. We don’t need to be physically in front of someone to torture someone’s feelings and dreams, we just need our phone or computer to assault online. But then, we are in an age where the internet is already a necessity.

We just need to use the internet in a good way.

Have a nice day everyone.

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