My monthly report

About my post, I only have 5 posts this month, no difference between the number of posts last month. The last post I made was about me complaining about my work. I guess I am just burnt out, spending 10 years in the same company can make someone feel unmotivated to continue working. But I am still trying to make everything okay.

Also, this month I had my first dose of vaccine. It’s Sputnik. I don’t specifically know about Sputnik. I know it’s from Russia. The vaccines that I know are J&J, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Sinovac. So, when the health workers said that the vaccine available is Sputnik, I was hesitant to continue with my dose as I still don’t have any idea of the effectiveness of the vaccine but I took it as a support for the Government’s drive and program to vaccinate all the citizen for our safety against the virus. I understand other people’s hesitance towards taking the vaccine as it was produced (I don’t know if this is the correct word to say) so fast but I trust the scientists who worked hard to developed it. So far in my family, my father as a senior citizen is now fully vaccinated with Sinovac. My mom is still waiting for her schedule as a government employee. My other family members are still hesitant to take the vaccines because there is too much fake news circulating around the internet but I do understand it. We cannot avoid the spread of fake news as the internet is too overcrowded as the world turns digital.

According to Wikipedia, Sputnik V is an adenovirus viral vector vaccine developed by Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Russia. Sputnik V is a two-part adenovirus viral vector vaccine with an efficacy rate of 91.6% (, May 10, 2021). There are side effects that are common with all the other vaccines like flu-like illness, headache, fatigue, and injection-site reactions. When I had my 1st dose, the only side effect that I had was the injection-site reaction. I never experienced any other side effect which is I am thankful for it. My father also doesn’t have or shown any side effects other than the pain in the injection area.

And now, we are dealing with the variant Delta. I don’t know how long are we going to enforce lockdown but if it’s for the safety of everyone, we can’t help but follow government protocols.

I hope everyone is safe and always takes care.

This is Ringo.

See you soon!

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