My June monthly Report

My June monthly Report

I don’t have many reports to make this month because I was too lazy, not physically but mentally. My brain was too lazy to think. Both my WordPress and Blogger have suffered because of my laziness. I was too excited to make my 50th post but when I reached it, I stop thinking. It’s like I programmed myself to just focus on one task and when I finish the task, a message was sent and says ‘congratulations’. I can do multitasking but not this month. I need to reboot myself again. I guess the 10% of the brain myth is not a myth anymore as I think I am only using less than 10% of my brain. Or maybe I can’t focus so much. There are too many things going around my head and I don’t know how to get them out of my head. Honestly, I have a list of things to write. I am just too lazy to think of words. Please don’t be like me. (peace sign)

Checking my calendar, I only have 5 posts this month. Too little too low. Anyway, I will just be going to keep moving on and looking forward to July to make changes to my bad habit. And hopefully, I can work on my list of projects for the next months.

Well, on a happy note, I just had my 50th post. Yahoo! Simple things make my heart excited. The next task will be my 100th post and I’m going to program my brain again for that.

This post is kind of a short post so, I think, I’ll see you in July, everyone.

Take care and see you soon!

This is Ringo.

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