Goodbye My Love

Goodbye My Love

My Love, it’s raining.
The night turns into a sea of black and white.
I hope you’re in a safe place.
Don’t get caught in the rain.
Don’t go out and cry in the rain.
You’ll catch a cold if you tried to wipe your tears.
Watch where you walk in the street dear.
Make sure you’re strong enough to catch yourself when you fall to the slippery ground.
May you find peace in this gloomy night.
They say, when it rains, heaven cries.
Lightning is Thor’s angry hammer.
That Zeus is in bad mood.
But you know my love, I am smiling while trying to catch Helen’s tears.
I am happy spending the rainy night without you.

I am loving the rain.
Even Aphrodite says I’m beautiful.
When you say I am not worthy to love.
I hope you find your own Sif.
Because I couldn’t be part of your story anymore.
My love, I talk too much.
And the rain keeps on making lame jokes.
Freyr wanted to adopt me but I said NO.
I couldn’t accept it.
I wanted to be where you are My love.

Even if Hercules is my temptation.
You will still be my man.
I caught you cheating more than you can count your fingers.
Yet the night is fading.
The rain keeps on cleaning your mess.
I will not fall again to Dolos.
Your trickery and betrayal will never make me love you even more.
I will be alone.
I will laugh again.
I will be my own Venus.

The rain will not make me cry again.
I will not be the portrait of Achlys.
I will be more than Athena.
No more gods and goddesses can stop me from letting you go.
Just like how you keep on throwing me out of your door.
My love, the rain stops crying.
And it’s time to say goodbye.
Take care, my love.
I hope we will not see each other again even in Hades’ underworld.

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