My April reports

How to start my monthly report?

What happened to me this month? Is there any exciting event in my life?

Well, nothing happens to me this month. No interesting events. I stayed home most of the time because I am scared to go out, mainly because of the virus. I mean, who wouldn’t? And also, I live alone. Who will take care of me when something happens? I have friends but because social distancing is implemented and gatherings are not allowed especially, we live in different houses, they cannot and are not allowed to go out and stayed in my place. The same goes for my other relatives. I also don’t want them to be exposed. I just wish that the pandemic will end soon so we could go back to our daily lives, it might not be as normal as before we welcomed 2020, but at least we could have a personal interaction with people we know and love. We are in a digital world and everything is now online. We talk to our family and friends via online apps. We could only see them on the screen of our phone or laptop.  It’s sad. Super sad. I’m an introvert but I still feel sad about not talking to my family or friends personally. Also, I missed my colleagues, talking and laughing with them during break time.

It’s heartbreaking what this pandemic has damaged us, lives that cannot be brought back, the life that is pushed back and limit us to do our usual routine. The news of what happens in India is so sad that I want to blame those who started or those who spread this virus around the world but then, all I can do is pray that this crisis we are facing now will end soon because blaming will not help us in finding the solution. But I’ve read one article in Bloomberg that says, ‘we may never go back to normal and ‘going back won’t be an option; the only way is forward’ because as they say, ‘the main reason is the ongoing emergence of new variants that behave almost like new viruses.’ So, we need to move forward but how? I don’t know how to answer it. And I hope that experts will find the solution for our current problem. For now, all I can do is help and follow the protocols that our government is implementing.

What else do I need to write? Ah, it’s about the ‘schedule’. Maybe I am just plain dumb, or I just did not understand the word ‘schedule’ because I have used it this month only. I mean, I’ve been with WordPress and Blogger for quite some time now, but I haven’t used the ‘schedule’ for posting. I laugh at myself for not understanding it. When I blog, I post it immediately. So, if I can’t think of anything, I don’t blog at all. As I work for hours and I call my job clingy and needy like a boyfriend (but I don’t have one) that needs all the attention, I cannot just write and blog while working because I need to be on Skype for hours. So instead, I blog after work, but my brain has been drained because of work, I cannot think of anything. When I finally have the topic to write, I post it immediately so I could have content without checking it. I usually finished it around dawn. Then, I checked the sidebar when it says ‘Publish’, for the first time I read the word immediately or scheduled on ‘–/–/–‘. Dang! I stopped for a while to laugh at myself for not understanding the word ‘Publish’. With this schedule, I can write anytime without causing or distracting me from doing my work and then schedule it on the day I want it to be published, so I will not pressure myself to think and blog.

As today is April 30, meaning it’s the start of Golden week in Japan. In short, it’s like a vacation where I could enjoy my job without too much pressure because our clients are on holiday. Less work. More on checking the previous projects. Checking manuals and arranging checklist. I look forward to Golden week every year. Maybe I could write a lot during Golden week. Hopefully.

I think that’s all for me today.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

This is Ringo.

See you soon!

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2 thoughts on “My April reports

  1. This pandemic literally made my life worse. I mean, I’m also an introvert but I want to go college and meet my friends. I really miss those days!!
    Hoping for better days to come.
    Have a great week ahead ✨

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