【Short Story】 The vampire

I wrote this way back in 2015 and posted this on my Instagram (I guess). I just fix some words on it. I love vampire stories and wish to write a novel about them but there are too many vampire stories already written. So, I just write a shorter version of short stories. I don’t know why I love vampires’ stories. Maybe because I don’t like the sun as much as I love the moon. I don’t like it when it’s too bright because it affects my eyes so much that I end up having headaches. I prefer staying indoors during the daytime and outdoor when it’s nighttime. No, I am not a vampire. I just want to write stories about vampires. Here it goes:

‘The vampire suddenly cries as the sun swallowed the moon. She wanted to embrace the sun and begs to leave and let the darkness shine. Yet the sun is too powerful, spreading fire all over the vampire’s life. The vampire hid and cries as the sun wear its crown.

The vampire wanted to be normal. Normal as the sun shines on her. Normal as the way she looks. She wants to play with the sun. She wants to be under the sun.

She’s been observing humans, laughing, playing, and walking under the fire of the sun. She wanted it. There is love between the sun and humans. She wanted to be loved. She wanted to be accepted. She wanted to be human.

As she decides to get out of darkness, she collects her courage. She wipes her tears. She opened the door and started walking towards the sun. She felt her mouth, smiling yet her skin is burning. Her body started to feel pain. The fire is on her, the wrath of an angry sun.

She looked around; the humans are scared. The sun laughs as loud as thunder. ‘You don’t belong here. It echoes as she went back to her darkness. Crying. And crying. And crying. Despite she wanted to be normal, it will only be in the dark, hidden beyond the shadow of the night. The moon will rise again, and she’ll be out in the light of darkness.

She will never die again. Yet humans will die, swallowed by the moon. And she’ll live a thousand lives. Even if the sun will be around, the moon will always be her hero. She only belongs in the dark. She realized it when she started liking the sun in the morning of summer. Darkness will always love her. Darkness will be for eternity. She will always be a vampire.’

More Ringo’s short stories coming out soon.

This is Ringo.

And this is my story.

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