Blogging has changed a lot

Blogging has changed a lot.

This is my point of view about blogging these days.

I’ve been reading different articles about blogging and I said to myself, I am already late. 10 or more years ago, blogging was about what you want to share, about your passion for writing, things you know, writing things that make you happy, etc. Blogging was about Passion. Now, blogging is more about gathering audiences and monetizing your blogs. It is more on business.

Blogging becomes a business.

I have read about ‘why would you blog if you will not earn anything?’ or ‘what is the use of blogging if you can’t monetize it?’. Some bloggers said that they earned six figures by just blogging and I said to myself, WOW, they can earn that amount of money by just blogging. Amazing.

And I ask myself, is that what I want? ¼ of myself agreed to that but the rest is not. I will be a hypocrite if I said NO because I’m hoping to monetize my blog too but then, I ask again what is the purpose of me blogging? I blog because this is what I’m longing to do since I’ve gotten to know the world of blogging. I always wanted to have my website. I’m excited to share and write about everything but I just got discouraged because every time I read reviews and other blogs, they always say what is the purpose of blogging if you can’t gather an audience, have likes and comments.

Numbers have become so complicated nowadays. It is not anymore 1 + 1 = 2. 1 plus 1 should be a million views now.
Since I’ve gotten to know the world of blogging, I was always curious about what blogging was, how can I start a blog, why my blog name was not independent like others, or why it was connected to a dot-something-dotcom, why can’t it be just, etc. I’ve been using free blog sites before because, well yeah, I couldn’t afford to buy a domain and at that time, I don’t know about domains.

I was with blogger and LiveJournal for a long time. I’ve used WordPress before but just the free one. I thought blogging was just writing about what I want to share with people that shared the same passion as I am. When I joined LiveJournal, it was because of communities that shared the same interest. We shared about JPOP idols and Johnny’s Entertainment.

But things change. I left and stopped blogging for a while because I need to focus on my work. 2012 when I became a team leader and almost like an assistant manager, that I decide to focus on my work and because I didn’t have enough time to be on the internet anymore. Instead, I went back to writing to my journal and any type of paper I could write. I write to get away from my reality. I write because it makes me whole. I write to be heard, something I cannot speak. I write because it’s my way of expressing myself.

Though, I sometimes visit the communities and just post a short blog once in a while like one post in a year or just passing through not putting so much effort like I used to. Not until 2018 when I started creating a blog again. But the communities I joined before have changed so much. It’s not, anymore, the communities that I’ve known. The blogs I followed have changed so much to accommodate the new trend. Some bloggers changed their approach towards their content. And I do understand it. People matured and left their interests behind to face what’s ahead of them. They become more responsible for their future. Kids grow and become an adult. I think this is what happens now. Bloggers grow to make a living. It is now like their full-time job.

And maintaining a blog is hard work. I praise all the bloggers that put all their efforts into making good content. I am hoping to create good content too. But then I blog because I want to express myself, not because I want to be known in the blogging world. I know some will disagree with me, but I blog to let myself out, just like how I write to release the toxic that is poisoning me. I write because it’s me and I blog because it’s always what I wanted. This is my hobby. You don’t sell your hobby, instead, you open yourself and eventually finding someone who shared the same hobby as you.

This is just my thoughts for today. I will keep on writing, blogging, and sharing my thoughts and stories.

This is Ringo.

See you soon!

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