Love respects anyone

So, while I am sitting in front of my laptop, reading some news, updating myself with all the quarantine protocols, questions keep on flying in my head, distracting me from creating a new article, messing up with my diary and had forced me to stop fixing my new blog. Questions that I too have difficulty in answering. I was supposed to be preparing for my new blog posts, but my focus had been crumpled, my motivation to work harder got me wondering about my purpose in life and leave me with a lot of questions. Questions like: 

Have you ever asked yourself what is the point of everything? Why do we have to do everything? Why we have to strive hard yet we’re still struggling? Why we have to work hard yet we’re suffering more? Why we save a lot, yet we wanted more? Why we want unity, yet we keep on dividing? Why we want to change, yet it is hard for us to follow simple instructions? Why we want a better life, yet we keep on messing up? Why there is rich and poor, powerful and weak? And the question ‘why’ will run the world, but answers will never be helpful. Or should I say, answers that we don’t want will never satisfy us because we only listen to what we want to hear?

I remember one of my Philosophy Professors, she never accepts any answers other than hers. She’s famous for being strict and accepts only the things she believes based on philosophical facts and I don’t even know what philosophical facts were at that time. I was scared every time she calls names because as I’m not good at speaking, I cannot express myself through voicing it out, and I also don’t know what’s inside her head. During my college days, Philosophy was the hardest of all the subjects I enrolled in as I don’t know how Philosophy Professors think. For me, those who major in Philosophy have one thing in common, they shared the same weirdness. I don’t mean anything wrong with being weird because I too have weird ideas. I also think differently. I just don’t see myself being in their shoe. And during college, Philosophy was even harder than any of my Engineering subjects. Anyway, we’re off-topic.

Why do we have a lot of questions and answers are limited? Why are the answers limited when there are thousands of words in the dictionary? Why the word ‘work hard’ is difficult to spell? Why even if we work hard, we still consider ourselves poor?

Some people work so hard but are still in poverty. We have full-time jobs but we’re struggling to live our life. We spend long hours just to earn a little amount of money to survive. Is it our fault? Or do we have to blame the work we are doing for giving us a small reward for spending long hours in the office? Are we productive enough to be rewarded a good compensation? Or should our bosses be kind enough to give us a raise even if the company is struggling to survive too? I have an answer. You have an answer. We have a different answer. But one thing we both agree, we need to survive even if we’re struggling. We can blame ourselves or the company or our bosses. But if we keep on blaming ourselves or anyone, there will be no end to this blaming cycle. There will be no satisfaction. We will keep on working hard. We will still blame anyone if our luck is not on our side. When are we going to stop the cycle? Should we try to re-evaluate our path? Should we start over again? I have an answer. You have an answer. We have a different answer. See, the cycle continues. We will go back and forth and start the circle of life. We already know the answer to why we have to work hard to survive yet we want more than just an answer. We want more in life even though we only have one life. Greed becomes our best friend. We forgot the value of contentment. We define the level of happiness on how much money we have in our bank accounts.

Some who live in first-world countries still consider themselves poor. Most people who live in third-world countries are beyond the poverty line. So, who is who? Who is poorer? Is it the one who lives in first-world countries who has been earning a minimum wage or the one living in the third world who has no food to eat daily? This is quite a complicated question because each of us has been raised differently. We have different perspectives and views about life. I define poverty based on what I know and where I live. You have your definition of poverty based on what you know and experience. We have different views of what poverty is. Even if we have different views and definitions, one thing we can agree, poverty kills a lot of people, not just about food but the reason to live.

In 2020, we saw how the world stops. We watch news of people dying increases every day. The virus keeps on mutating and spreading faster. Each country has suffered a lot. Unrest rock the world. Fake news spreading faster than the virus. Each of us has been divided by our faith and beliefs. The rise of woke has plague the online community. Keyboard became the modern warriors. Freedom of speech has been the subject of defense. The call for unity is what the world needs but we keep on cutting the rope. Hypocrites are seen on TV calling everyone to help yet they were the ones who destroy what they say. Left and right have to throw different propagandas. I have my views. You have your own. We have different views. But one thing we need now is how we can solve this crisis that has made us suffer so much. Whether you are left or right, whether we have different political views, I am on this side while you’re on the other one, we have to think about what kind of help we can give to stop this virus from spreading and end this pandemic. We have to stop the blame game, or the world will never have its peace.

Each of us has different problems. We have different experiences. We have different views on life. We live in a different house. We eat different foods. We have different seasons. We were born different from each other. We are maybe different, but we live in one world. The one world we keep on destroying. There might be no world wars anymore but we, ourselves, are the war that the world is afraid of. We have brains to help each other but uses them to destroy one another. No matter how different we are, we share the same world, heaven looks the same, the sky is blue, and the night is dark. Summer is hot and winter is cold. We see the same moon and stars. The sun is still the largest star. Seawater is salty while the lake is not. We may speak a different language, but we all understand the language of love. In love, there is no country, no race, no color, no religion. Love respects anyone. And respect is what we can give even if we have different views, politically or not. 

I don’t know how to end this post. I still have questions that need an answer, but I already know that at the end of the day, Happiness needs Love. Love is what we need. Yet, the money will never satisfy anyone. Power is still what others seek. We forgot the true meaning of Unity.

I am just sad that the world suffers a lot. And we belong in this world. Hate becomes the reason we could never achieve peace. We also need to respect everyone even if we both have different views and answers in life as long as we see the same path of unity for the future of our world.

Note: This is only my opinion. I respect anyone who has a different one.

Thank you.

See you soon.

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