Broken and Damage

Once upon a time …

I fell to the ground so hard. It was so hard, that it broke me.

I started to collect myself and stand up.

Piece by piece, broken and unrepaired.

When I was picking up myself, someone else grabs it and break it again.

I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t.

I was left with my tears flowing.

I continue my journey of mending my broken self.

Yet, I got lost out of nowhere.

Darkness showed up and blinded me with its strength.

I was knocked down to the ground again.

What’s left of myself, got broken and damaged.

No one else will help, so I drag myself to walk.

I continue to find myself.

The never-ending finding myself when I just lost my heart.

I saw how my heart stabbed multiple times.

But I didn’t do anything to save it.

I just allowed it to be broken.

If I didn’t fall to the ground, I wouldn’t know how I became so stupid.

I welcome everyone and they left me with nothing but heartaches.

Day by day, I left myself behind.

Never bother to care for it.

As time went by, I only had little of myself.

Until it got broken and scattered somewhere, I couldn’t find it.

I saw how I ruined my life like a flashback.

It was I who throw all the pieces of my life.

And I couldn’t find it anymore.

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