Sweet Chocolate day

Every day is tiring.

But, yeah, eat some chocolate and it will be sweet.

Oh, it’s sweet yet it’s bitter.

Wait, this is not Chocolate. It’s dark.

Like everything in life, living in the light but too dark inside.

I started my day with dark chocolate.

And I thought, it will be sweet, but I ended up crying all day.

I saw the words written, and I cannot distinguish whether it’s sweet or sour.

Yet, I continue to eat until I read the date of expiry.

I thought of having an expired life.

Oh, it’s dark. Too dark in bright day life.

Darkness is blinding my sight.

I can’t see anything around.

Like every decision I made, seems it’s going nowhere.

Oh, darkness, please let me have my path.

I reach another chocolate.

I was wrong again. This is not chocolate.

This is cocoa, disguise to look chocolate.

But cocoa is where the chocolate came from.

From being unsweetened to too much sweet yet made to be bitter.

Like the life I have.

I was a late bloomer until I grew up to be a fine young lady.

Until I get tired of life and became a bittersweet not so old young lady.

Oh, is there a word ‘not so old young lady’?

Or should I say, can I have dark chocolate but sweeter than white chocolate?

Oh, I cannot understand what I am saying.

Something like what is happening around me.

I cannot see the road properly.

I keep on walking on the dead end.

I tried to walk to every street, but I always end up in the same roadblock.

I went to get a chocolate drink instead.

But why my head is spinning, and I keep seeing little stars around me?

Wait, this is not a chocolate drink. And I drink not just one but more bottles.

Why do I keep on making wrong decisions in life?

Oh, I wanted to shout yet I talk calmly.

And I just realized, I keep talking with the wall.

A wall that doesn’t have a face but why it feels like it is listening to me?

Or am I too drunk?

All I wanted is a sweet chocolate day.

But why I keep on ruining my life?

Why do I keep on hearing words?

Why do you keep on picking on me?

Please, give me a break.

I don’t want dark chocolate.

Because my life is too dark, and I have no place for all the problems.

I started to throw everything.

But the trash keeps coming to me?

Am I a garbage can?

Maybe I am. Because for years, I allow people to keep throwing their trash at me.

Hey, I am already full, and I cannot accept any more of your dirt.

Can’t you see I’m going to explode soon?

Because I am so tired.

And I just needed sweet chocolate not the bitterness of life.

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