Thoughts of the day

Hi, it’s Ringo again and I will be sharing my thoughts today.

Today is February 28 and it’s the last day of February. Yesterday, I was thinking of making a monthly summary of what had happened to me. Anyway, I was cleaning my apartment yesterday and I still haven’t finished cleaning up. I got a lot of mess in my place and my life. It is like after cleaning one side, another side will mess around, like what is happening in my life. I clean and then another one comes to ruin it.

For 2021, the first project I fulfilled yet was to have my domain. So far, I got my nose on the keyboard to keep on writing but sometimes my brain is not cooperating, and I always get distracted. I have a calendar on when to write but not a single schedule I followed. I write randomly. Right now, I am planning to re-writing all the things I posted on my Instagram and BlogSpot so, if I cannot think of anything to write, I was thinking of re-using my old posts.

As for my insomnia, it gets worst. I have a hard time sleeping. I started having insomnia last year due to the virus. My worries and anxiety got worsen that triggers me to have difficulty sleeping. Also, because of my work. Last year was the worst I had to deal with my work and balance how I handle my staff. I don’t have a problem with doing my job properly, but it exhausts my mental health as I have to deal with the virus, the employees’ needs, and my boss’ policies. I understand my bosses’ stand regarding how to make sure that the company survives and remains open so we could still have a job, but the company and the employees have different opinions and I have to relay it to the management, and I am one of the managements. It was hard because I have to stand in between the company and the employees. That’s why I thought of leaving my job last year, but I have nowhere to go because of the lockdown. This year is no different. Staff wants salary increase, but the company cannot afford to give it due to the losses the company faced last year, and I don’t want to deal with complaints and my bosses’ angry side anymore. I don’t want to let go of the good employees, but I cannot let them stay when their expenses are not anymore equal with what they are earning. And I too know how hard it is to budget when you know that your expenses are more than what you’ve earned. Anyway, I have a conclusion, I am not suitable to be in a higher position because I am too weak to handle both sides. I felt like I was the only one managing the entire company and my boss just wants to stay away from the problems of the company. So much for my work problems.

Last year, I could still sleep for 4 to 5 hours a day but this year, I could only have an hour or two. Every day, it feels like I am just a person without a soul. But I am still thankful that I have writing as my passion because I can express what I feel. It helps me heal the problems I cannot explain. It calms my mental issues.

 When the year 2021 started, I told myself I will be changing some of my old lazy habits. I did start my year with exercise though I still need to motivate myself to be more active. I also started updating my BlogSpot about me learning a new language, as for now, I focus on the Japanese language.

You can visit it here:

I’ve been watching vlogs on how they got approved by Google AdSense. Last year, Google AdSense had rejected my application. That’s why this year I will try to get Google’s approval. Hopefully, they will re-check my application.

Also starting January 1, I have been monitoring my expenses. I need to be stricter in my expenses though I still have a problem with my savings as my sister just lost her job and I am helping my mom in paying some expenses in our house. But it’s okay because I can still handle my expenses.

I also celebrated my 10th year in the company that gives me sort of different problems, but I cannot just give up and leave my responsibility. I can go on for another year and hoping that I still have myself with me during my quest.

So, that’s it for today’s post.

I am hoping I could expand my blog and reach more people.

This is Ringo.

See yah!

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