Close the door

Along the way, you will meet people that will teach you about life.

People who will either hurt you or love you.

Some will stay for a long time.

Some will just knock on your door and leave.

Some will just be a memory you can easily forget.

You can either trust them or not.

Others will come to betray you.

Others will make you happy.

Some will be just for a one-night stand.

Some will remain as your friends.

But most of them became just an acquaintance.

Others come to used you.

While some needed you because you treat them better.

You open yourself to them, yet they used you as a pawn.

They cry, tell you their heartaches, you listen, and they leave you behind when they get better.

You laughed together yet you’re sitting alone in a corner.

They ask for support yet you’re standing alone.

When you needed someone to understand you, you can’t find them near you.

When you needed a tree to lean, you instead find a dying branch.

When you needed a bucket to cry on, rain falls so heavy.

When you needed a lamp to light your life, darkness swallowed you.

When you welcome everyone into your life, they ruined you.

And in the end, you close your door and never open it to anyone.

You learned to love yourself more.

You remove people in your life.

You stop talking.

You close your ears.

You sealed your heart.

No amount of sympathy in your eyes.

You forget the word care.

You started building your rock.

And you start living without being bothered by people around you. 

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