How I wish I did not apply for credit card?

This is only my point of view regarding credit cards.

When you’re a young employee, there are a lot of things you want to accomplish and very tempting things. You want to do this and that, buy this one, travel somewhere else, dine-in in an expensive restaurant, etc. You’re in some sort of fantasy land where you control everything because your parents already give you freedom as you have a job now and you already fulfill your promise to give your parents your bachelor’s degree diploma and professional license. For the first time in your life, you don’t need to ask for your daily allowance. Then, when you wake up one morning, you’re broke, and the credit card agent keeps on calling you because you did not pay before the due date.

Oh ~~~ That’s me, that’s my life.

I already have a list of excuses on what to tell the CC agents. I even turned my phone to contacts only settings so that unregistered numbers can’t call me. And if I can go back in time, the one thing I will not do is to apply for credit cards. This is my worst regret of all the regrets I have. I never regret it when I had to say goodbye to the man of my dreams (well, sort of, I cried a hundred buckets, but I moved on) or when I did not pursue my profession as an Engineer. That’s why, if I could turn back the time, I will never going to have credit cards. There is an ‘S’ on the cards because I have more than I can eat up.

Growing up, I do know the value of money because my family is not rich. And every cents count. I saw how my parents strive hard to give us a good life. We never have any luxuries in life. We are just your average family. We only buy what the family needs.

Yet, when I started earning, I spoiled myself. I became completely the opposite of what I used to grow up with. I become so extravagant. I buy things I never had when growing. I eat expensive foods. I live a life so different from what I used to because my credit card has more than I can afford.

I was seduced by my extravagance. Swipe here, swipe there, swipe everywhere.

The worst experience I had with having a credit card, I was scammed. As in, scammed. And it is not just a couple of hundreds but it’s more than a thousand. And I struggle to pay it. I cannot even tell my parents I’m broke.

That’s where I opened my eyes to reality. It’s my eye-opener. I woke up with a lot of debt. And I regret it so much.

I know if people will read this, everyone will agree I am a total jerk, stupid, crazy, dumb, and all the unpleasant words. I accept it. I was so irresponsible, and I have no one to blame but myself.

That’s why I learned from my mistake. I will not be going to have a credit card no matter how convenient it is.

But now I know what kind of person I am once I have money and I can’t be a businessperson because I can’t even keep a centavo in my hands for a minute. My money-hungry personality will show up once there is money in my pocket.

So, this is my point of view of having a credit card and I am not discouraging anyone to apply for a credit card. You just need to control yourself especially if the maximum amount of credit limit is higher than the total asset of your family. What I want to say is that we just need to be more responsible in handling money. Also, if ever you want these luxury items, think not just twice but thrice or think more than a week and list down the cons and pros of wanting that thing.

Because now, I’ve learned my lesson.

This is Ringo.

See Yah!

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