Character #1

A once innocent face had turned to a sinful lady that she knew from the start, but she pursues it anyway because of the word ‘love’ that ruined beautiful smiles.

Alone in the big city, for the first time in her life, she tasted freedom away from her parents’ pampered lifestyle. She started her career, her dream, and her longing for happiness. She embraces the sun and hugs the moon as she enjoys her alone time.

She understands the value of money and the meaning of time. She walked on her own feet and run like there is no tomorrow. She finally knows the meaning of freedom.

Her name is Kris and her parents allowed her to be independent now that she already fulfilled her promise, to graduate with a degree and honors. As she bid goodbye, she saw her mother’s tears and her father’s sadness. As an only child, her parents have been so overprotected of her and even set rules for her. Despite her parent’s way of disciplining her, she never complains, having a chain on her feet and rope on her neck for her to grow properly. Even though her parents tied her into their hands, she was still allowed to have a sleepover with her friends but in her room where her parents knew what they are doing, have a road trip with friends in their family car and a group date with friends in a restaurant booked by her parents. Yet, she enjoys her childhood and teenage years as her parents spoiled her so much with the fancy things in the world.

Other than the world of her parents, she never knows the life in a big city, away from her parents, the life of an adult as she always had people to do things for her. Leaving for the first time, she composed herself and head to her chosen career. The plane started to slow down and landed in another country, she now is called a stranger, a foreigner. She decides to work in a different country so her parents will not be going to interfere in making life decisions. She’s in a study, live, and work situation but as long as she’s miles away from her parents, it doesn’t bother her at all.

After choosing what course and where to work, she finally starting to live a life so differently. She adjusted with difficulty but enjoying every moment of it. She holds a cup of coffee and looked at the big window in her apartment, having a smile on her face and she said, finally;

‘My life is now starting to create a new season, new characters, and new story.’

She said,

‘I am not anymore the spoiled brat growing up and being constantly spooned fed by the hands that my parents hired’. 

‘This is my life now’.


~~~~ to be continue ~~~~

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